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River Country was the first water park at the Walt Disney World Resort. Opening on June 20th, 1976 and shut down completely by November 2nd, 2001. The Walt Disney Company announced that the park along with Discovery Island (a zoological park, originally named Treasure Island ). Both parks, which were the two of the only, were closed permanently rather than demolished.

After it’s closing, Disney considered teaming up with creators of a video game to create an interactive experience called “Myst Island.” Although the development of it never got passed the concept stage.

Both parks were publicized to have shut down because of falling customer interest, but the truth behind the closures were far more dark. A brain eating amoeba, Naegleria Fowleri, in River Country’s surrounding lake was found in 2001. The amoeba attacks the human brain and has the case of fatality of 95%, and had already claimed a young victim in 1980. Since the closures, brave souls have photographed and explored the abandoned park, including urban explorer and blogger Shane Pérez. Pérez stated to have secretly visited the island, with several others, and captured footage and photographs and claimed that there were “abandoned buildings, cages, preserved snakes in jars, even old employee photos” still in the park.

Some of the lights have been kept on during the night to almost seem to have the look as if it were not an abandoned attraction to people looking at it from afar (or at least I think so).

I do not personally recommend anyone to venture into the abandoned parks, because it’s obviously a risk to your health and other legal problems. I only shared this because I thought it was pretty cool and damn interesting.

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Toy Story 2 - When She Loved Me


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So last night I was pretty high and thought lol ima draw a happy lil face in this banana cus why the fuck notimage


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pitbull looks like the naked mole rat from kim possible

do you see it


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Steter AU - Stiles starts his internship at Hale Corporation. His boss is hot.

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